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Do you feel like life has dealt you a bad hand? Do you feel like all hope is gone? Do you feel alone? Lost? Feel like noone cares about you? If so WE FEEL THAT WAY TOO!! I want u to join my Family and get involved with other members worldwide! we are here for you and we love you their is no BULLSHIT here just love and acceptance! WE WONT JUDGE YOU!!!

In the future... members will get perks for their membership (discounts on tickets to shows, discounts on merch, be able to get in my music videos and so much more)

plus with private chat rooms on Facebook u can interact with other members from all over the world if you need someone to talk to

Below is our mission statement

Tattoo Ink is what connects us all and seperates the OFFICIAL members from the UNOFFICIAL members

some may want to show support for my music and AG in general but may not want it tattooed on their bodies thats awesome and we support that decision but others will go all out and get it tattooed once or many times as many have already done to show their support and commitment to the gang.


have me personally initiate you with ink or have your local tattoo studio/artist initiate you with ink Below are some of the official tattoos stencil DRAG THESE ONTO YOUR DESKTOP OR SAVE ON YOUR PHONE and GET IN THE GANG!!!

Email all photos of you reppin ALIEN GANG to: kleeworldwide777@yahoo.com I LOVE YOU ALL K