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Keenan Lee aka K-lee started rapping at the age of 8 rapping about cheerleaders and money lil Keenan had no idea one day his music would be heard worldwide as it is today. K-lee's first official album released in late 1999 entitled "PAIN" months leading up to the release K-lee sold everyday products door to door for a living. Being taught how to sell products K-lee had a bright idea to sell his music instead of the products from door to door business to business it worked! K-lee quit his day job and became a full time rapper. K-lee sold 3,000 copies of PAIN on the streets of middle tennessee in 2000. K-lee then released his 2nd album entitled "WAR" in 2001 and sold 4,000 copies with a small distribution deal in stores and online.

In 2002 K-lee released a compilation called "IT AINT ALL COUNTRY DOWN HERE" this album made alot of noise locally featuring other local rappers throughout middle tennessee and selling 4,000 copies with local distribution in 40 stores throughout Tennessee.

In 2003 K-lee formed a 7 member group called THA PIECEMAKAZ released an album entitled "PIECE BY PIECE" and sold 4,000 copies, members from Tha Piecemakaz went on to found AGAME and even have their own tv shows on local television.

In 2003 K-lee released his 5th and 6th albums entitled "THA 1ST CHAPTER" a 2 disc album wrapped seperately with the covers making a puzzle when put together, at this time K-lee had national distribution and traveled doing instores all over the southern states with FYE this album sold 8,000 copies total and made K-lee a nationally known rapper.

In 2004 K-lee released his 2nd compilation entitled "DONT MISS THA BUS" again featuring local rappers from all over middle tennessee and again selling 4,000 copies.

In 2005 K-lee released his 8th album entitled "THA 2ND CHAPTER" this album had national distribution in over 450 stores K-lee traveled all over the country doing instores with FYE rocking stages and selling 12,000 copies in stores.

In August of 2005 K-lee also got introduced to a new passion "TATTOOING" his mother had a dream that he was to be a tattooer and so he pursued Tattooing and found out he had a gift.

From 2006-2016 K-lee released a few more albums and tattooed over 20,000 people in middle tennessee.

In 2017 K-lee founded "ALIEN GANG" A.L.I.E.N. stands for Anyone Lost In Earths Neglect ALIEN GANG is a movement for those who feel like life has dealt them a bad hand, a movement for those who feel seperated from society Alienated from Acceptance a movement for people who dont fit in or know who they are or their purpose on earth. In the future ALIEN GANG will grow to unbelievable numbers and become a worldwide movement standing for Unity and standing against Suicide and Drug Abuse.

Its 2018 to date K-lee has been tattooing 13 years won 14 awards in competitions, released 13 albums sold over 54,000 records, performed over 1,000 shows, traveled all over the country, been featured in multiple magazines for his tattoo work and music, been featured on tv over 30 times, been featured on over 75 albums including Lil jon and Pastor Troys ' I AM AMERICAN" & "PROUD TO BE AMERICAN" 3 album series released in 2005

2018 has been amazing 2019 will be even better ALIEN GANG 4 LIFE GANG GANG BITCHES